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Project: Tairāwhiti Uncovered

This is a website project wherein users can submit local 'points of interest' to display on an interactive map.

It currently uses the open source OpenStreetMap API Leaflet to handle the map and markers.

In future builds, users will be able to create 'about' pages with detailed information, images, comments, and more.

An image of VideoFrameSlicer running.

Tairāwhiti Uncovered demonstration build. (19/03/2024)

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Project: VideoFrameSlicer

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This project was born out of a moment of creative restlessness while collecting image data for a computer vision and object detection class project. VideoFrameSlicer is a lightweight python program to slice an input video into frames.

As of writing, the application must be launched from the shell using Python 3.6 or Later.

An image of VideoFrameSlicer running.

VideoFrameSlicer running.